Elizabeth’s guidance gave me the faith to listen to my soul and since my session I have never felt so at peace. I truly believe that her light helps you step into your own.

There is no question that her gift is utterly special, but for me, her wisdom, kindness and knowledge were what helped to make the session life changing. I left with many of the answers I had been searching for, feeling excited and with the courage to not only trust myself but also to trust the path that my soul chose in this life. I understood past experiences in the context of my future and she gave me the greatest gift I didn’t realise I needed - the permission to truly be myself.

Seeing Elizabeth was a real turning point in my life in many ways and there is no question that our meeting was meant to be. Even months on, when faced with a question, her words still help me find the answer.


 After seeing Liz I felt a release that I didn’t even know I needed to let go of. I left feeling like I had a new found direction, a purpose and above all else a sense of calm I hadn’t experienced for a while.