Elizabeth Hayes was born in San Diego, California at 10:09 am one Friday in December 1976. Astrologically this means she’s a Sagittarius with her rising signs in both Aquarius and Pisces and her moon in Taurus. True to her Sagittarius nature, when she left San Diego to attend the University of Chicago, she didn’t look back. Twice she lived in France as an undergraduate, in the Vendée region of France and in Paris. After graduating U of C with a degree in European History, she pursued a Masters at the Institute of French Studies at NYU. It was in New York that she met her husband, and after completing her Masters program, she relocated with him to Madrid. Thus began their seventeen-year adventure of moving across four continents with stints in London, Hong Kong, Madrid (twice), Los Angeles (which was more foreign than the other cities she’s called home), São Paulo, and then New York in 2011. Coming full circle, they found themselves returning to London in 2017, this time with their two children with whom she shares her love of travel and experiencing different cultures.

Her Pisces rising expresses Elizabeth’s strong mystical and esoteric side. It was in Hong Kong that she began her spiritual practice known as Soul Memory. Born with certain intuitive gifts, Elizabeth conducted mediumship readings in addition to her Soul Memory work, which explores past life trauma in order to understand and heal current life obstacles. Over her extensive travels and numerous relocations, she has honed this practice to help people connect to their Spiritual Guides as well as discover their soul’s purpose.


Having a moon in Taurus means Elizabeth was destined to write and with her Aquarius rising, it would be in order to effect social change. Since 2014, under the pen name Vivian Winslow, she has published nine novellas in her Gilded Flower Trilogies and five standalone novels for her Wildflowers Series. This fourteen-book family saga follows three generations of the Baron women and other women within their world as they navigate the pitfalls of love, legacy and career over four decades. It explores how one choice can impact an entire family, and how they have to find a way to forgive the past to end the destructive patterns set out for them.  

The inspiration for the Gilded Flowers Saga comes from a desire to break the mold in the Romance genre, which often objectifies and props up the male characters while portraying women as immature, weak or subservient, exposing the inherent imbalance that persists in society and relationships. Believing that stories have the power to influence attitudes and shift perspectives, Elizabeth writes in order to challenge this paradigm by including diverse characters and creating holistic relationship dynamics to bring balance to love and sex. 

Her latest book, Venice Beach, is due to be released in 2020. It will be the first installment of her Love After Series, which follows four women in L.A. who learn what it means to experience love at different stages in their lives.

Elizabeth has partnered with her friend, Rhea, to create Karma’s My Bitch, a podcast about spirituality and relationships, and how a shift in perspective can bring meaning to even the most difficult life experiences. Click here to listen.