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Ignoring the Labels: Looking Within to Discover our Self-Worth

So much of today’s world runs on validation, with people seeking it in the number of likes, thumbs-up, friends, followers, subscribers, applause, swipes, matches and media engagements. We’ve been conditioned to believe that our individual worth can be measured by any of these, that such external validation ultimately justifies our very existence. 

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The “Complete” Truth: Realizing Your Own Power

Not a single being is greater than we are because we are all the SAME. Our differences on the outside do not erase the fact that underneath it all, under that thin layer of skin, we are truly the same human beings. At our very core, we are perfect, complete, whole and infinite.

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The Gratitude Myth

I struggle with Gratitude. When I see the viral videos and hear the conversations, I cringe, because while I am cognizant of the benefits of Gratitude, I am extremely wary of how it’s being sold to the public. Not because it doesn’t work (although more often than not it kinda doesn’t since it requires a certain wiring that many don’t have), but because for most, it ends up masking their deepest issues and pain, denying the opportunity for real healing because they’re too busy focusing their minds on their gratitude lists.

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